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WhatCard's list of best credit card sign up promotions

(Last updated on 1 June)

To help you get the best deals for any card you may be thinking of applying for, we have consolidated the best credit card sign up promotions, and only show you those that are worth considering - typically anything that gives at least $100 cash or more on sign up (or equivalents such as cash credit, miles, vouchers, free luggage)

We have divided the promos into two main categories, click the links to jump straight to the relevant one! :

Promotions With NO Minimum Spending Required

Just apply for the card and get an easy cash bonus, the easiest “free money” you can get. Our only caveat is that the best promos are typically reserved for new-to-bank customers, which is why you should always cancel the credit cards that you are not actively using so that you will eligible for more sign-up promotions in future!

For this early half of June, SingSaver-Standard Chartered are running an exceptionally generous sign up promotion of FREE Airpods with charging case for all new cardholders - with no minimum spend and no cap on redemptions - read more about this below to take advantage of this offer!

1. Standard Chartered Cards - 1x Apple Airpods with wireless charging case (worth $299) for new cardholders | $50 Grabfood vouchers for existing cardholders

Covers the StanChart Unlimited, StanChart Spree, and StanChart Rewards+ cards

  • All eligible new-to-bank cardholders will get 1x Apple Airpods with wireless charging case worth $299 with activation of credit card within first 30 days of approval
  • To qualify as a new-to-bank cardholder, you must not be an existing SC cardholder or have cancelled within the last 12 months
  • Existing cardholders will instead receive $50 GrabFood vouchers when applying for a new SC card
  • No minimum spend is required to qualify for the gifts, and there is no limit to the number of redemptions - we still advise you to apply ASAP if you are interested in taking advantage of this promotion as banks can always pull the promotion early if they find that there is too much volume just like what happened with the SC X Card

This unique Apple Airpods promotion is only valid for 2 weeks from 1-14 June, so apply now to take advantage of this generous sign-up bonus!

Apply now for the StanChart Unlimited | StanChart Spree | StanChart Rewards+

1. Citibank Cards - Get $200 cash via PayNow for new cardholders

Covers the Citi PremierMiles, Citi Cashback, Citi Rewards Visa, and Citi Prestige

Apply now for the Citi PremierMiles | Citi Cashback | Citi Rewards Visa | Citi Prestige card

3. OCBC Cards - $100 GrabFood voucher for new cardholders


  • Free $100 GrabFood vouchers for all new-to-bank applicants to OCBC 365/ Titanium Rewards cards
  • You must not be an existing OCBC cardholder or have cancelled within the last 12 months
  • Existing OCBC cardholders can get $50 GrabFood vouchers instead, limited to the first 1,000 existing cardholders to spend a minium of $300

Apply now for the OCBC 365 Card | OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

Promotions With Minimum Spending Required

1. American Express Krisflyer

  • Get 5,000 miles upon first spend on your card if you are new to the Amex Krisflyer cards (it doesn’t matter if you own other Amex cards e.g. the Amex True Cashback),
  • In addition, get another bonus 8,000 miles (on top the regular earning rate) when you spend $5,000 within the first 3 months of card membership.
  • First year annual fee waived
  • Check out our detailed review of the Amex KF card

Apply now for the Amex Krisflyer Card

2. American Express Krisflyer Ascend


  • Get 5,000 miles upon first spend on your card if you are new to the Amex Krisflyer cards (it doesn’t matter if you own other Amex cards e.g. the Amex True Cashback),
  • In addition, get another bonus 16,000 miles (on top the regular earning rate) when you spend $10,000 within the first 3 months of card membership.
  • Get complimentary one night Hilton hotel stay and 4x complimentary airport lounge access

Apply now for the Amex Krisflyer Ascend Card

3. HSBC Revolution and HSBC Advance - $150 cashback OR Samsonite spinner (worth $670)

  • Get $150 cash credit OR a Samsonite Prestige Spinner Bag (worth $670) with $800 spend within one month of card opening date
  • Only eligible for new-to-bank customers
  • Get bonus $20 Grab voucher when applying via MyInfo

Apply now for the HSBC Revolution | HSBC Advance

Other Signup Promotions Available

1. YouTrip Card


  • Use promocode “WHATCARD5” after you download the mobile app to get free $5 in your YouTrip mobile wallet once you have registered

2. Revolut Card

To get $5 credited into your wallet:
  • Sign up through this link
  • Complete identity verification
  • Top up minimum amount into the account S$20
  • Order a physical card

3. Circles Life

To get S$10/month off free incoming + outgoing call (for 6 months) and free SIM card registration, register via this link

4. FWD Covid-19 Insurance

Get your Covid-19 insurance for only 30 cents a day with an annual plan. You can apply for it here

5. Bank Account Sign-Ups

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