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How to get even MORE rewards from your credit card expenses

Hi everyone,

I am in the cashback camp (sorry miles people), and the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card (1.5% rebate on all spend) is one of my favourite and most used card. Today, I received an advertisement email from StanChart on this new partnership with Rebatemango. By spending through this site, you can get even more cashback from your expenses! [note: I am not paid to do this by Stanchart; I’m doing this to bring awareness to my fellow card reward loving community].

Rebatemango is essentially Shopback, but instead of cashback only, they allow you to get miles and CapitaSTAR$ as rewards as well. Create an account, go to a merchant on their site, and make your purchases through there. They are probably starting out, so its a good time to take advantage of the promotions that they are offering now. Go to their website, from there, get re-directed to the merchant’s site (Rebate Mango will have their logo on the top left hand corner) and complete your purchases as per normal. Your rewards will be credited into your RebateMango account automatically after 72 hours.

The key differentiator is their rewards program. Every S$1 spent through RebateMango gets you 2.5 mangoes (the reward currency). Spend S$10,000 (equivalent to 25,000 mangoes) and you get an additional cashback (means they share more with you). For example, the regular cashback from a $100 hotel booking on Agoda is 7% (S$7). If you have spent S$10,000 through Rebate Mango website, you can get 7.7% casback (S$7.70). Talking about rewarding you for being a loyal customer! If you spend S$4,000 (equivalent to 10,000 mangoes) through the site, the rebate is still 7.35% (S$7.35), which is not bad.

Also, apply for selected credit cards on their website. In particular, I like the Amex True Cashback and you can get S$60 cashback through this site!

If you think this post is of value to you, I invite you to sign up under the referral link below: https://www.rebatemango.sg/referee-signup?wl=refer&raf=8BVoEOXy

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Hey @dexter.tiah! There seems to be something wrong with your referral link. I end up in a dead-end.

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Hi Ionai!

Thank you for pointing it out! I type .sg twice…I corrected the URL already :slight_smile: