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Best credit cards to maximize rewards on e-commerce platforms this 11.11!

11.11 is just around the corner! This is the mega sales day where all the leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and Taobao sharply mark down the prices of their goods so that you are able to purchase selected items at deeply discounted prices!

On top of the existing low prices on e-commerce platforms during 11.11, you can get an even bigger bang for your buck, simply by transacting through certain bank credit cards that have launched promotions in conjunction with these e-commerce platforms. We did some research on this (partly because we were keen to optimize rewards from our own spending on 11.11 as well :stuck_out_tongue: ) and are happy to share our findings! If you currently have one of the cards below, please consider using it for your shopping to maximize your rewards.

Note: If you do not have one of the credit cards below, it is unlikely for you to be receive the card in time to get the additional 11.11 rewards/discounts. Fret not! Check out our list of latest credit card promotions to be in the know for existing sign-on rewards if you are new to the bank. Apply for one of the cards from partner banks below and have the card ready for the upcoming 12.12 sale :slight_smile:


For Shopee, other than transactions with the UOB One Card, you get your rewards by claiming Shopee vouchers within the site after you create a Shopee account. You will have to navigate to the respective Shopee campaign page(s) before you transact for you to be eligible for the cashback.

You can “chope” your voucher by pre-claiming it. How it works is by clicking on the URL listed on the respective Shopee campaign pages on 10th November ( Shopee has multiple of these campaigns with several banks, offering differing rewards for varying min. spending requirements). We will elaborate more on existing campaigns below. However, do note that the discount will be reflected on the site immediately prior to you completing the transaction, and Shopee will not retroactively apply the discount. Don’t transact first expecting them to reimburse you! Please also note that topping up to Shopee Pay is not an eligible transaction for the purpose of 11.11 campaigns.

For big spenders on Shopee (>$300 spending):

  • Automatically receive 5% additional cashback on Shopee transactions with UOB One Card, provided you hit the min. spending requirement of $500/month and min. 5 transactions for 3 consecutive months: The additional cashback is capped at $100/month and involves all transactions under the UOB One Card that give bonus cashback, such as Diary Farm group merchants and Singapore Powers. You can use this in conjunction with other UOB promotions on Shopee; Details here
  • Pre-claiming $40 off voucher with $300 min. spending on Citi cards on 10th November ; Details here

For medium spenders on Shopee (~$200 spending):

  • Pre-claiming $35 off voucher with $250 min. spending on ICBC Mastercard on 10th November : We are not sure too many of our readers have an ICBC Mastercard, however if you do, this is one of the bigger discounts available on Shopee. Details here
  • Pre-claiming $30 off voucher with $200 min. spending on DBS/Maybank/StanChart/UOB cards on 10th November Details here, here, here and here respectively

For smaller spenders on Shopee (<$100 spending):

  • Claiming a $6 off voucher with $60 min. spending on GrabPay Mastercard: Not specifically a 11.11 promo and this is valid till 31st Dec 2020. Details here
  • Automatically receive $5 off Visa transactions with $75 min. spending on Visa credit cards


If you haven’t used Lazada before reading this, it means you are largely too late. Lazada had made its vouchers available way in advance and unfortunately most of the larger value vouchers, such as $38 off for $300 min. spending, are not available anymore.

Source: Lazada website
Sorry readers, the good stuff ran out :frowning:

  • Claiming a $5 off voucher with $60 min. spending using Lazada voucher (available directly from Lazada’s website)


Taobao is the e-commerce arm of Alibaba and thankfully they do have some 11.11 deals with banks that are still available to us! They do not appear to be running vouchers prior to 11.11 and instead, have partnerships directly with banks capped at the first X number of customers.

  • 11% cashback with no min. spending (cashback capped at $12.21) on YouTrip card. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to be eligible for the 11% cashback, no min. spending with the YouTrip card as they have exceed 400 registered and eligible spenders.
  • S$40 off with $300 min. spending on Citibank cards Details here
  • $10 off with $120 min. spending on DBS cards, valid for the first 500 customers Details here
  • $10 off with $100 min. spending on OCBC cards, valid for the first 1000 customers Details here
  • S$15 off with min. spending of S$150 for StanChart cards, valid for the first 1000 redemptions on 1 to 11 November 2020 Details here


Similiar to Taobao, Qoo10 seems to be focusing on banks directly instead of pre-claiming or claiming vouchers on their site. The rewards from Qoo10 are in the form of Qmoney; a cashback provided to knock off the price of your future purchases on the Qoo10 platform, as opposed to a cashback to knock off your credit card transactions. Please note that this reward is claimed after your purchase is delivered.

  • $10 off with $100 min. spending on CIMB / Maybank cards Not explicitly 11.11 promotions. Details here and here
  • $12 Qmoney Cashback with $70 min. spending on Citi cards, valid for the first 1250 customers: Details here
  • $10 Qmoney Cashback, with $100 min. spending on OCBC cards: Details here

Special mention: Steam/ GoG/Playstation/Nintendo

YouTrip is the only card provider that we are aware of offering rewards for game purchases this 11.11! This is particularly interesting as several digital games are denominated in USD; with YouTrip you are likely able to get savings from exchange rate conversions as well. We wrote an earlier article on this here.

If you are interested in getting a Youtrip card, you can also check out our more detailed review of Youtrip/TransferWise/Revolut/DBS MCA

If you are signing up for a YouTrip account, do remember to use the promo code WHATCARD5 to get a $5 welcome cash credit - you will lose this one-off chance during registration if you sign up without using a promo code.

  • 10% cashback (cashback capped at $10) with YouTrip card: Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to be eligible for the 10% cashback, no min. spending with the YouTrip card as they have exceed 400 registered and eligible spenders.


There are a whole host of promotions and partnerships available this 11.11 so do capitalize on some of the existing ones to maximize your rewards, especially if you possess a credit card that can give you additional rewards if you hit the minimum spending criteria!

If you would like to get the maximum rewards from your credit cards, do consider integrating WhatCard into your lifestyle to help you optimize your credit card rewards, and follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest tips, tricks, and hacks (like this article!) to get the most out of your credit cards

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