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Travel Hack: How You Can Fly Singapore Airlines Suites Class for $695.50

1 August update:
Due to strong demand StanChart ended its 100,000 miles signup promo on 31 July instead, a month earlier than originally announced - and changed the promo amount going forward to 60,000 miles instead. While the terms are not as eye-popping as before, our opinion is that this is still a really good offer worth taking up as long as you are able to meet the minimum spend requirements

updated screenshot from updated application page

Limited Time Offer to Buy 107,200 Miles for $695.50

Singapore to Osaka on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class

An insanely good credit card deal was launched today that allows you to fly on Singapore Airlines Premium cabins at a small fraction of the cost. The Standard Chartered X Card that launched today is offering customers 107,200 miles for $695.50 as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. 30,000 Miles - Credit Card approved by 31st August 2019 and payment of $695.50 annual fee.
  2. 70,000 Miles - Spend $6,000 within 60 days of card approval and no later than 31st Oct 2019.
  3.   7,200 Miles - From $6,000 spend @ 1.2 miles per dollar.

For those that are not familiar with the credit cards miles game, 107,2000 miles are worth approximately $4,000 - $5,000 when used to redeem for Suites class flight tickets on Singapore Airlines and roughly $2,000 when used on economy cabins. This is a rare opportunity that doesn’t come by often and we honestly don’t know how it makes economic sense for Standard Chartered to be offering this. Therefore, I did not hesitate dropping $695.50 on the X card’s annual fee when it was launched today and I think everyone should quickly take advantage of this offer as well.

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Krisflyer Redemption

With a budget of 107,200 miles, here are some of the popular routes for flying the Singapore Airlines Suite Class:

Route Dates Miles Required (Saver - One Way)
Singapore to Shanghai Most Dates 53,000
Singapore to Osaka 27 Dec 2019 to 6 Jan 2020 70,000
Singapore to Tokyo Narita/Haneda Most Dates 70,000
Singapore to Seoul All 70,000
Singapore to Sydney Most Dates 85,000

For a full list of Singapore Airlines Suites class route, you can refer to this excellent article by MainlyMiles. If Suites class is too atas for your liking, Business class redemption tickets on Singapore Airlines provides an excellent experience as well. The only caveat with flying premium cabins is that you might not want to fly economy again in the future.

Hacks to Spend $6,000 within 60 days

Unless you are lucky to have a major expense coming up in the next 60 days, here are some hacks that you can consider to meet the $6,000 spend:

  1. Buy NTUC Vouchers. Since NTUC vouchers can be purchased using credit cards, this is a good way to spend $6,000 and have the value be stored in another medium. I can also vouch that NTUC vouchers can be used to replace the monthly allowance that you give to your parents.

  2. Buy IKEA Gift Cards. IKEA gift cards are another way of storing value for the future. In fact, the gift cards can be used at IKEA restaurant as well if you’re looking to feed the family on meatballs for a year.

  3. Load up on Lazada Gift Cards. Lazada gift cards can be purchased in $10, $50 or $100 denominations. Since products sold on Lazada are usually cheaper than retail stores, loading up on some Lazada gift cards might not be a bad idea.

Do note that Standard Chartered has provided a list of transactions that will not be considered as qualifying transactions for the rewards promotion. Unfortunately, common hacks like using Cardup, ipaymy, RentHero and topping up stored value facilities like GrabPay will not be viable.


The Standard Chartered X Card is a good miles buying opportunity at an incredible value of 0.65 cents per mile. However, it is not a credit card that we recommend keeping after the first year considering that the annual fee is $695.50 for a card that only awards 1.2 miles per dollar spent without any other benefits. If you’ll like to get the maximum rewards from your credit cards, do consider integrating WhatCard into your lifestyle to help you optimize your credit card rewards.

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Hi, any idea NUS school fees count towards the $6,000 spend ?

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We actually don’t have the merchant category code for NUS at the moment so we’re not sure. I would personally stick to retail transactions to be on the safe side here.

When I look at the list of Partners (Credit Card Rewards) I see a few airlines (Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, …), but no Singapore Airlines. Am I missing something or doing it wrong?

Do you see it under other “Airmiles (Other Credit Cards)”?

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Was using the mobile app, didn’t show up there. But can see them in the browser. Thanks!

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Since I couldn’t find any best card for NTUC, can you write an article on the best practice

Hi there, if you are looking for best card specifically for NTUC or any other store/shop, you can check out our comparison search tool at https://www.whatcard.sg/, which will show the best credit cards (miles or cashback). Sharing screenshots for your reference here:

Let us know if you had something else in mind regarding strategies for NTUC.

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