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Limited Time Promo: Get up to $340 in cash and cashback if you apply for these StanChart cards. No requirements, existing cardholders eligible

Sign up for these 3 StanChart Cards today and get up to $340 cash and cashback

Standard Chartered Unlimited Card
Standard Chartered Spree Card
Standard Chartered Rewards+ Card

11/11 may be over, but great deals are still up for grab! From now till 30 November 2019, the latest credit card sign-up campaign from our affiliate partner SingSaver will have you receiving $120 (new to StanChart applicant) or $50 (existing StanChart cardholder) in cash via PayNow with each approved card.

In addition, this $120 next day reward from SingSaver for new-to-bank cardholders is on top of StanChart’s own $80 cashback welcome bonus; when you sign up for a new card now you are eligible for both promotions - there has never been a better time to get your first Standard Chartered card!

For existing StanChart cardholders, each card that you apply for will get you a $50 cash reward from SingSaver as well as a $20 cashback bonus from the bank.

The cherry on top of it all: Standard Chartered has yet additional campaigns for credit cards; be the first 1,000 to spend $20k by 31st Dec 2019 to receive an additional $500, and get a chance to win $30 by spending at least $150 in a single receipt. To participate in these promotions, SMS XMAS19 to 77222 or +65 8318 4584 (if overseas) from your bank registered mobile number. Read more about this here.

We have also helped to clarify that for new-to-bank customers, approval from StanChart will be on the same day, and cash will be credited to you via PayNow by the next day. With 3 StanChart cards available under this campaign, you can get up to $340 in sign up rewards, all with no annual fees and no minimum spend requirements.

Sign up rewards New-to-Bank Existing Cardholder
First Card $200 ($120 from SS, $80 from SC) $70 ($50 from SS, $20 from SC)
Second Card $70 ($50 from SS, $20 from SC) $70 ($$50 from SS, $20 from SC)
Third Card $50 ($50 from SS) $70 ($50 from SS, $20 from SC)
Total reward $340 $210

SS = SingSaver, SC = Standard Chartered
Some additional details on the promotion:

Cash bonus from SingSaver will be transferred directly via PayNow. The $120 bonus for first time card applicants will be credited to you via PayNow on the next day; the $50 reward for subsequent cards will be credited via PayNow only in 60-90 days as per Singsaver’s regular rewards cycle.

There are technically 4 cards covered by this campaign, however WhatCard has excluded the SC Visa Infinite Card in this post as it requires applicants to pay a non-waivable upfront annual fees of $588.50.

Sign up for these 3 StanChart Cards today and get up to $340 cash and cashback

So, which card should I get?

Unlimited Card


The Unlimited Card offers a flat 1.5% cashback on all spend, with no minimum spend and no cashback cap. As such, it regularly features on our merchant search engine tool as one of the cashback cards when you are transacting in generic categories instead of the popular categories such as contactless / dining, where many cashback cards give a bigger cashback percentage to users, usually subject to a monthly dollar cap.

What we have seen our users do is to hold the Unlimited Card together with other cashback cards such as the UOB One/DBS Live Fresh, and use it as a catch-all card for spending that does give bonus cashback under the other cards - for example for any spending above your monthly UOB spending tier.

In addition, the Unlimited card is has no cashback cap which means that it is ideal for making large transactions (e.g. wedding venue deposit, buying household appliances) that would bust the monthly cashback cap of other cards.

WhatCard Verdict: If you only want 1 card to maximize the promotions, along with an awesome general spending cashback card, we recommend prioritizing applying for the Unlimited Card to get $200 ($120 cash from Singsaver, $80 cashback from StanChart), if you do not have a credit card with StanChart. If you do have a prior StanChart card, you still can get a cool $70 ($50 cash from Singsaver, $20 cashback from StanChart) getting this card as well.

Spree Card


Sadly, this poorer little brother of the Unlimited Card has only 2 scenarios where it narrowly edges out its big brother: online local currency transactions and contactless payments, which earn 2% cashback instead of 1.5% (Unlimited Card’s cashback rate). Even so, the cashback is capped at $60/month, which means you earn the incremental 0.5% for spending of up to $2000; subsequently, you are still better off with the Unlimited Card.

WhatCard Verdict: Apply for the card, collect the $50 welcome reward from Singsaver and $20 cashback from StanChart (if you have already applied for the Unlimited Card), use it only for retail transactions to maximize the value of the card; otherwise, just use up the $20 cashback credit and stop using it.

Rewards + Card


Again, there is not much innovation going on at StanChart with the Rewards + Card. The card targets the same categories as the Spree card, such as retail transactions receive a reward multiplier which can be converted to into a cashback of ~3%. However, the card has a yearly cap of 20,000 SCB points, which works out to be $62.50! In conclusion, the card is slightly more complicated but with the same small upside for online and retail transactions, similar to Spree.

WhatCard Verdict: We recommend that you take the same course of action as that of our Spree card recommendation above.


The StanChart Next Day Reward is a new campaign that we are excited to share because it allows applicants to receive their rewards almost instantaneously instead of the previous rewards redemption process of having to wait 2 months for the application to be approved by the bank and verified by SingSaver. If you haven’t already obtained an Unlimited card, this is the best opportunity to do so today! Get an extra $100 cash reward by applying for the 2 other cards as well, however do note that they present several constraints that really only has an edge over the Unlimited card in certain specific instances.

IMPORTANT: Do take note of your application reference number after you have submitted all your details to StanChart; you will need it to submit the redemption form to Singsaver (they will email you a redemption form) to collect your rewards. If you want to know specifically where it is in the StanChart page after you have submitted your details, click here.

Sign up for these 3 StanChart Cards today and get up to $340 cash and cashback

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