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Ways to hit minimum monthly spending for uob one

Seeking help from guys and girls here… currently using a uob one card for all my spending, and trying to hit the 1k a month level. On most months with some additional spending can just pass 1k… but many times also struggling to hit and end up buying random things online just to meet the minimum spend…

anyone can share good approaches to hit my minimum spend without making unnecessary purchases?

One suggestion is to just topup your GrabPay wallet as required to hit your minimum spending. There is still the promo that gives 5% extra cashback on Grab, and anyway GrabPay can be used at many places like restaurants/shops/grab rides themselves

Hi @TYTY welcome to the WhatCard community!

We were so inspired by your question that we decided to write a whole blog post about it, hope the ideas we shared can help you solve your issue :slight_smile: