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RUMOR: T&C for Standard Chartered X-card 100K Miles Sign Up Bonus

Source: Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered recently launched a waitlist for a new credit card they are calling the “X Card”. By joining the waitlist, customers will be entitled to a limited-time promotion sign up bonus of 100,000 miles but the waitlist did not specify what the terms and conditions for the sign up bonus were.

Thanks to a “little bird” of ours in Standard Chartered, we received a rumor about the terms and conditions for the 100,000 miles sign up bonus.

To qualify for the 100,000 miles, customers will need to expense $6,000 in the first 2 months and pay a non-waivable annual fee of $700 for the card.

If you have a large expense coming up, it’ll be a good idea to hold it off as long as possible until the card is launched. If the rumor turns out to be true, paying $700 for 100,000 is an extremely good deal not to be missed.

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