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Questions on the CIMB AWSM

Hi all,
I have currently just graduated from Poly and I am considering to get a student credit card to start building my credit score. I read online that the two best cards for cashback are currently the CIMB AWSM card and the Maybank eVibes. However, after digging into the TnC of CIMB AWSM more, I realised that the online shopping platforms I spend on are not necessarily in the list of recommended merchant codes they provide. Does anyone have any experience spending on a online shopping platform that is not listed in the merchant code under the TnC for CIMB AWSM?
Here is a link to the TnC for reference: https://www.cimbbank.com.sg/content/dam/cimbsingapore/personal/cards/terms-and-conditions/tnc-awsm-card.pdf
Any help will be appreciated!

Hi @ryuubi, welcome to the WhatCard community!

Will you be going to work after graduation and collecting a full-time salary? If so there are many other better options for cashback cards like the DBS Live Fresh or even the SC Unlimited card if you prefer not to worry about cashback categories and caps.

Otherwise, based on the T&Cs of the CIMB AWSM card, it seems pretty clearly stated that anything outside the listed MCC codes will not get any cashback, and given your situation you might be better going going with the Maybank eVibes for a straightforward 1% cashback on all spend.

Just as food for thought, personally I would honestly not be overly concerned about building up a credit score up while still a student. Once you are working and have an income it is easy to maintain a perfect credit score report as long as you always pay off any credit balances in full and on time each month!