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Help Required: Merchants with unknown MCC Codes

As you may know, we rely on MCC (Merchant Category Code) codes to map the various credit card rewards to the different merchants. We are consistently adding new merchants to WhatCard, but need to know the MCC code for the merchants in order to include them. If you know the MCC for any of the below merchants (or others we do not currently have), please share in this thread to help us grow the list of merchants for everyones benefit! :smile:

  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • Typo
  • Yankee Candles
  • Entertainer
  • ClassPass
  • Coursera
  • Fedex
  • Fiverr
  • Give.Asia
  • Hoolah
  • HReasily
  • Points.com
  • Renthero
  • CFA (exam fees)
  • Traveller World
  • Universal Traveller
  • Winter Time

I have a contribution regarding a few merchants.

Universal traveller and hoolah have the same MCC code of 5399. Purchased from both before


Thanks for sharing this @alanwong00 !! We have updated our backend data accordingly and it should be reflected soon.

Do let us know if you have other MCC data for stores we might not cover yet and we will gladly add them in as well :slight_smile:

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Revolut is operating under MCC 6012.

It used to qualify for UOB One’s quarterly cash back (I called UOB’s customer service to verify before), but looks like not anymore with the latest TnC.

Hi @randomx welcome to our community and thanks for sharing!

Have updated accordingly, will guess that Revolut would be unfortunately excluded from most credit card rewards…

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Does anyone knows what is the MMC for FIL SPA Intelligence PL?

Not asked in this thread but noticed Smiggle has missing MCC when I searched.

UOB CSO confirm MCC is 5942 for Smiggle. HTH!

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Also, The Learning Lab MCC 8299 no longer qualifies for cash rebates or UNI$ from UOB cards.

Accordingly it doesn’t accrue towards bonus interests for ONE account. Learnt this the hard way! :sob:

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Thanks for sharing this! Have updated accordingly :slight_smile:

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Not sure if previous information contributed was useful. Cant seem to find the merchant details reflected.

Recently referred my friend to this site for details and it still showed no info regarding the merchants.

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Hi @AlanWong00 thanks for bringing this up for our attention!

Just realised we had actually updated the backend earlier on but there has a bit of issue in pulling this updated data to be accurately displayed, will look into this and get it fixed ASAP.

Will let you guys know when this is properly fixed. Thanks again for letting us know!

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Starbucks is not MCC 5813, as I managed to get cashback using BOC Family card. So it’s either 5812 or 5814 (which are both eligible for 10% cashback). I’m not sure which one of the two though :slight_smile:


WinterTime MCC 5651

Confirmed via Customer Support.

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SGH - SOC LAB SINGAPORE SG - MCC 8062 hospitals
SHOPEEPAY SINGAPORE SG - MCC 5331 variety store

Both eligible for 5% CB on UOB One, confirmed via UOB CS.

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Not asked in this thread, but:

Phoon Huat - MCC 5411 (Grocery Stores, Supermarkets)
J-Mart - MCC 5411 (Grocery Stores, Supermarkets)
Norwegian Salmon ATM - MCC 5999 (Misc. & Specialty Retail Stores)

Also, Singtel Dash appears to be under MCC 6540 (and not 6300), for what it’s worth.

Verified via DBS digibot, spend done on DBS Visa.

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SHOPEEPAY is now under the new MCC 5262 “Online marketplaces that accept Visa on behalf of sellers with multiple lines of goods and services through an online marketplace”. It is still valid for 4mpd under UOB PPV.

Hi, does anyone know what is the MCC for BigPay?

ACAMS is currently tagged as 8220 - Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools and Junior Colleges, (as confirmed with CSO) which will make the transaction ineligible for miles / cashback for most cards.

Pace App (Buy Now Pay Later)
MCC: 5999

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Hi, does anyone know the MCC of
2. Aprilskin
3. Supergourmet?

Thank you :blush: