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Feedback for WhatCard.sg

As this project is very much still in its beta stage and will continue to develop over time, we would gladly take any feedback from you on features, functionalities, requests, errors/issues.

Our goal is to build this into a community-friendly tool to help everyone maximise their credit card rewards :smiley:

Cashback cards will be added before we launch as well :grin:

Moving forward, you can Improve navigation by:

• Having a ‘scroll bar’ at the side to show which alphabet you’re at
• Group the merchants into filterable sub-categories
• Keep the search bar “floating” at the top
• Allow users to add favourite merchants
• Allow sorting of merchants by popularity, date updated …
• Hyperlink the merchants’ website if available

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Very helpful site! A few points that I think you can improve on:

  1. make the display of card’s name and MPD in a table instead of plain text (looks cleaner and more structured)
  2. add monthly cap for each card next to their MPD in the table (like Citi Rewards | 4 MPD | 1000/Month)
    And maybe you should think about adding those UOB cards that give 4mpd when using paywave regardless of merchant category (except the $SMART merchants)

Thanks for it the initiative!

Please consider showing the MCC code for the merchant if available.

Also, consider having some form of “This worked for me” / “Didn’t work for me” beside each card, or a last verified date that it worked for a particular merchant.


@Andy_Choo @Junjie Welcome to the community and thank you for the valuable feedback!

:+1: This is a great suggestion and I’ve made the changes :slight_smile:

We’ll be tackling these issues soon :slight_smile:

We’re still thinking of how we would deal with this against bots. In some way, the collection of MCCs that we have is what makes our site valuable so we need to guard against bots which might scrape against our data. I have an idea of how to do it so MCC should be listed this week.

Great suggestion :+1: This will also help us to make sure that our data is up to date.


Please consider incorporating a fuzzy lookup for the merchant search. For example, if the platform already has “Sheng Siong” merchant, I may be searching “Sheng Shiong” and it would appear that the merchant is not on the platform (when it actually is).

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On the main page, please consider incorporating this alphabetized scrolling bar on the right, for easier merchant search (an example is provided from the active sg mobile app)

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We have been working on improving this based on actual inputs on commonly mis-spelt merchants such as Sheng Siong, Din Tai Fung, McDonald’s, the search engine is a constantly evolving function that can only keep getting better as users log more and more search requests - so would encourage everyone to please go ahead and try searching for all your favourite merchants!

Hey there whatcard team - great job on the site for something out of your own volition! :slight_smile:

Just to point out that some merchants like Guardian, Cold Storage and Cathay Cineplexes are tagged 4mpd for UOB PPV. They don’t, as these are SMART$ merchants.

For a complete list of them, see this link: https://www.uob.com.sg/personal/cards/cards-privileges/smart-privileges.page#participatingmerchants

Also, possible to include UOB Lady’s Card? Their revamped perks offer 4mpd for quite a few categories.

Otherwise keep up the great work!

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Hello @ferylsdale, welcome to the WhatCard community and thank you for the feedback :grinning:

Do you know if SMART$ rewards are issued when spending at the merchants via the online site as well? I was always under the impression that SMART$ rewards are only awarded for retail spend.

Sure thing :slight_smile: We’ll look into this.

Saw that UOB Lady’s Card is added - thanks!

For UOB PPV at SMART$ merchants, did you mean that I get miles and/instead of SMART$ If the transaction is performed online?

On another note, just wanted to share that The Learning Lab MCC is tagged 8299. In case you’re planning to add latest-kid-on-the-block - the SCB X card - to the database, TLL is a qualifying transaction for sign on bonus :wink:

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We’re not sure yet but we’ll be attempting to verify this soon :slight_smile:

This is great!! Thank you so much for the contribution.

Suggest to include DBS Live Fresh card, it’s a good cash rebate card, 5% for online and paywave, cap at $20 each cat, monthly minimum spend $600, suitable for monthly spend $600-800.

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Thank you for the feedback! It does seem like we have a bug here that is preventing the DBS Live Fresh card from appearing.

Would you consider adding the ability to search by mcc? I have the mcc of the place I am interested in shopping at but the name of the place is not in your database. If I could search by mcc it might pull up another business in your database that uses the same mcc and I could still get the info.

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This is kind of a hidden feature but searching by MCC code has been implemented.

Hi, is the DBS Live Fresh fixed yet? I’m still unable to see DBS LF in WhatCard :sweat_smile:

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Hi I noticed OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is not showing up for some merchants. Just wondering why. For example OCBC titanium rewards for Ikea but not for Harvey Norman (both are MCC 5712)

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