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Which Miles Card to use for Insurance Premiums?

Hi WhatCard friends!

I used the whatcard finder to figure out which card to use for earning miles on insurance premiums. I happen to have a few of them indicated (e.g. PRVI/Citi Premier) that could earn miles. But when I looked at the actual card TnCs, it seems like insuarnce is not actually going to work. Would like to check whether the finder is not that updated, and what yall would suggest instead?

Thank you so much!

Hey @Seany_Tan,

I’m always quite dubious about directly charging insurance to credit card because seems like it’s always 50/50 whether you get rewards regardless of what tools/online says. The best option i know these days is to use GrabPay with the AXS mobile app, they had written about it quite a few months ago, but also shared a new one just a few weeks ago

Thank you! Yes I understand what you mean!
For most of my payments I have gone for the Uob ONE —> GrabPay route

In this case though for Miles Cards, do you know which Miles cards happen to still earn from charging to Grab?