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WhatCard User Survey - Participate to stand a chance to win $10 cash!

Hi everyone! To better understand your feedback and preferences so that we can spend our time working on new features/content that better meet your needs, we are excited to launch our first WhatCard User Survey!

Participate now, tell us your feedback and stand a chance to win $10 in cash :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:!! (we will transfer it via PayNow)

WhatCard was launched in a very basic state in June 2019 with a simple goal to help everyone get more credit card rewards, and we have been gradually working on improving what we can offer since then. Now that we have real users (you!!), we are looking forward to get some feedback on how we can do even better for you :grin::grin:

Participate in the survey today!

Your WhatCard Team

Have submitted the survey. When will the results of the winners be announced?

Hi @Hero welcome to the community!

We will be closing the survey on 31 Oct and picking the lucky draw winners then. Winners will be announced here and also contacted via email by first week of November. Look out for that :smiley: