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What does 4 miles per dollar mean?

Hi. noob here.
Citi Reward card gives 4 mile per dollar if swiped at Watson’s.
25,000 Citi points = 10,000 miles
Does that mean I spend $100 at Watson’s, I get:
25000/10000 * 100 * 4 = 1000 Citi points?

Hi there. Don’t use the CRV myself, but your understanding should be correct. Each of the banks has their own rewards point system that you then convert to miles, so usually sites will just report the final number of miles you are getting after all the conversion.

For example i use the DBS WWMC, which gives 4mpd for online spend. But it actually awards DBS Points that are worth 2 miles each (5,000 DBS Points = 10,000 miles), so when I spend $100 I am getting 200 DBS points instead.

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