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What credit cards are in your wallet?

Share with everyone the credit cards you have in your wallet and the strategy you adopt :slight_smile:

I’ll like to kick this off :slight_smile: Here are the credit cards in my wallet:

  1. DBS Women’s World Card - 4 MPD for online spend
  2. OCBC Titanium Rewards - 4 MPD for department stores and clothes store. Currently, dinning is 4 MPD as well since there is a targeted promotion.
  3. Citibank Prestige Card - 1.3 miles for normal spend. I’ve been a Citibank customer for more than 5 years so I get a 10% bonus at the end of each year.
  4. Youtrip Mastercard - I save more from the exchange rate and foreign transaction fee by using this card.

Tan Kin Lian shared with me the credit card in his wallet as well

Is YouTrip a credit card? Haha

I have the following cards!

  • DBS Women’s World Card 4mpd for all online spend; only applied it recently after I saw the rewards on www.whatcard.sg
  • Citibank Premier Miles Card 1.2mpd local spend, 2mpd foreign spend. Don’t have a strong purpose for this now; will cancel once I spend my air miles
  • UOB One Card Clock S$500 spending first, to get my UOB One Account Bonus
  • BOC Elite Miles Card 1.5mpd local spend, 3mpd foreign spend I use this card for work trips
  • Standard Charter Unlimited Card 1.5% cashback. I generally clock all other spend in this card
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Although I hold a few other cards, I basically only use two cards regularly, had signed up for the others mainly to capture the attractive signup bonuses!

  1. DBS Womans World - 4MPD for all online spend
  2. DBS Altitude - 1.2MPD for all other spend (everything that I don’t put on my WWMC). I know that 1.2MPD isn’t really optimal in general, but I don’t do much offline shopping/dining anyway so I just use this to catch all my other spending
  3. AMEX Ascend - applied for it because I had large lump sum spending upcoming to take advantage of the very big bonus awards
  4. Stanchart Unlimited Cashback - signed up because of $100 (MoneySmart) + $120 (Stanchart) new sign up bonus, don’t intend to keep this long term
  5. Citibank Premiermiles - signed up because of $150 (MoneySmart) bonus. Tried to cancel it recently but they offered to credit $50 cash for me to keep it so I will cancel it later this year instead
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