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WhatCard is an inclusive community for credit card and personal finance enthusiasts, with a simple goal of creating an environment for friendly, informative discussion around these important money-related topics.

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The WhatCard Community

As a community forum, we welcome anyone and everyone to post questions, comments, and responses. The thing about credit cards (and every other personal finance topic) is that it is impossible for any one person to know every single detail, tip, trick, and hack about the topic, and it is through the sharing and discussion of ideas where we can all learn together.

We will only ask that everyone follows civilized community behaviour at all times (tldr: be nice to others!) to ensure that we maintain this as a place for positive discussion.

The WhatCard Blog

WhatCard was created as a side project by three of us (you can identify us by Team WhatCard tag beside our names) to try to help everyone get the most out of their credit card spending. We will be writing regular blog articles under the WhatCard Blog category to share our insights and tips/hacks to help everyone get the most of their credit cards.

We believe in objective, no-bullshit writing – so you can rest assured that we always stand fully behind any opinions shared in the blog article you see here, and in fact often personally follow the strategies/approaches shared.

If you would like to discreetly share any credit card insights or perhaps even contribute to the community as a guest writer, please get in touch by DM with any of our WhatCard team as we are always looking to share more credit card best practices with our readers :slight_smile:

We hope you enjoy your time here!

Your WhatCard Team

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