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Transferwise debit card

Anyone had a look into transferwise credit card yet? I just signed up for it mainly because youtrip’s platform is somewhat unreliable with downtime and frequent maintenance schedule.

Interestingly they allow free USD transfer receipts, if you have interactivebrokers account you can essentially convert SGD to USD at 0.002% fees and send it in for free. I don’t have a use case now but if I am say someone funding my MBA studies overseas this could result in very significant savings.

Very interested to hear from anyone who has had a chance to use the Transferwise credit card as well. Using the YouTrip card now and the app/service definitely seems to break randomly for no reason.

It has asked me to acknowledge the change of card issuer from EZ-Link to themselves as least 10x, and everytime I go into the app it makes me go through the acknowledgement process again…

Didn’t happen for me but I wouldn’t be surprised… For me the main usage is to just perform card transactions while I’m overseas, any idea how the fx conversion is calculated?