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Standard Chartered Unlimited $aver

Anyone here use the Unlimited card with the Unlimited$aver account for the bonus cashback rate of up to 5%? Saw an ad about it recently and was quite interested, wondering if its actually a good deal

Am using the Unlimited card and was quite curious when this promo first came out. But after doing some simple calculations seems like it doesn’t really make sense unless you really spend a lot on it. There was a blog article here some time ago that you can try searching for where they discuss about this

Hi @ILoveMiles! We had seen the 5% cashback promo for the Unlimited Card and were quite curious about it so had taken a look as well - turns out it doesn’t really make sense unless you can easily spend at least $3-4k each month, otherwise you are better off putting your money somewhere else to collect interest/investment returns.

Linking the article here for reference!