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Singapore Press Holdings Subscription


I would inform you that there is an error on the miles earned on SPH subscription with the UOB PPV. The earned will be UNI$1 (0.4 miles) per dollar spent. UOB has further confirmed that the MCC code is 4814 (Telecommunication Services including but not
limited to prepaid phone services and recurring
phone services) instead of what you have uploaded 5734 (Computer Software Stores). I have tried using the OCBC Titanium Rewards MC last month and likewise got a 0.4 mpd earn rate to pay for my subscription. I believe general spending card will be the best option for this payment.

Hi @rockhaus,

Welcome to the community! I’m sorry for the outdated information…I checked our database and saw that we populated it from a crowdsourced submission. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve updated our database and it will be reflected once our tech guy syncs the site with our database!

Hi there, it’s been 2 months since we have last spoken and your website is still showing the wrong information to readers. To update you guys on this. The MCC code for SPH is MCC 5968 (Direct Marketing–Continuity/Subscription Merchants). This MCC DOES NOT qualify for 4MPD for UOB PPV, DBS WWMC or CRV or CRM. I have tried all 3 cards over the past 3 months and confirmed that they only earn the base miles of 0.4.
I suggest that you amend your information to suggest using general spending credit card like UOB PRVI to earn 1.4MPD instead.