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SimplyGo correction

Hi, I think there might be some mistake on SimplyGo miles earning card, AFAIK Citi cards don’t accumulate miles for SimplyGo transaction. And I couldn’t help but wondering whether the new OCBC 90N card would earn 1.2mpd for SimplyGo as well (reading the TnC I don’t see it being excluded but I haven’t really tested it out myself)

Hi @steven7 thanks for letting us know. Have checked also and seems like you are right that all Citi cards are excluded from SimplyGo rewards so will update accordingly. If the OCBC 90N card is accepted for SimplyGo then I would guess it does should provide rewards as well - if you do try it would appreciate if you could let us know how it goes!

We are still in progress of adding the 90N card in the backend database, should be reflected in a few days!

Cool. I haven’t got the chance to test it out as I am still waiting for my PIN mailer, however whatcard.sg is really an awesome tool to simplify the miles games. Great work guys/girls.