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Sign-up for free 30 day Covid-19 hospitalization insurance if you are a Singapore Resident & a DBS customer

As we approach the application deadline for the free 30 days Covid-19 hospitalization insurance (offered by DBS and Chubb Insurance for DBS customers), we wanted to remind our readers to complete the online application form here if they haven’t done so.

If you / your parents are Singaporean Residents who bank with DBS and haven’t already applied for this, please do take it up. It is a free hospitalization insurance; the insurance commences immediately from the application date for a period of 30 days and it will provide you S$100/day if you are in the hospital over a 24 hour period due to Covid-19 virus (payout capped after 14 days). It will also provide a lump sum S$1000 cash payout if you are in the Intensive Care Unit over a 24 hour period.

You will need to give warranties that you am a DBS/POSB customer and all the insured persons have not been to Mainland China in the past 14 days and do not have any fever, flu-like or respiratory symptoms.

In light of the >800 confirmed cases in Singapore currently, do make full use of this free option. Please complete your application 31st March (the final application date for this insurance policy) to be eligible.

Stay healthy, safe and practice good social distancing!