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Saving on Foreign exchange rates on YouTrip Card vs. Earning Miles on Foreign Currency Spent. Which is better?

I have used my YouTrip card in my recent trip to Europe and completely forgoing my DBS Altitude card to save on the bank’s currency conversion charges. This would also mean that I did not earn any miles at all for most of the trip. Anybody had a similar experience? Is it worth it?

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I am certain that with some cards, a calculation could be made to demonstrate that you would, in principle, be economically ahead using a card that has a ‘generous’ miles-reward structure. Personally, I prefer cash-savings upfront as opposed to delayed gratification through miles/reward-points that may, at some point, be devalued by the issuer.

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You may want to consider ICBC Global Travel Mastercard (no affiliate link available, just apply directly on their site for the promotion). The cashback is 3% on overseas spend whereas the credit card transaction fees are 2.5%. Net net on the fees, you do earn 0.5% (not too sure about the exchange rate though).