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Merchant update

How do we inform about inaccurate information eg, whether the card stated gives miles but in actual fact it does not for a particular merchant

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Hi Adrian, thanks for posting! Feel free to share your feedback directly in this thread - we are constantly making changes to improve the accuracy of data shown (currently working to add the various insurance/utilities exclusions for specific credit cards) and will work on your feedback ASAP.

In the longer term we will probably add a form directly on the site to make it easier to share feedback on any inaccurate information, but for now as long as you post anywhere within the forum we will be able to follow up on your feedback.

Noted. FYI, paying for Keppel Electric with either Citibank Premier Miles or DBS Altitude card DOES NOT get you any miles at all. ZERO!

I think Maybank Horizon Visa is a under-rated card. It gets you 2miles for all airlines ( major or budget, isn’t it? However I don’t see it under the airline section. You might want to review and update them. tks!

Thanks for sharing! As mentioned we are currently in the process of getting the individual card exclusions added now and will share once it is fully done. Please let us know if you spot any other errors so we can get all these resolved ASAP.

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Just checked the Keppel Electric.
DBS Altitude still up there. It DOES NOT GIVE ANY POINTS.
Please update.



Thanks for letting us know @DrAdrian! Have taken it down in the backend and it should be reflected on the site shortly. :slight_smile:

Also wanted to share that if you are interested to get miles via DBS Altitude, you can still do it via the AXS mobile app method - top up GrabPay wallet with your card and then use GrabPay as a payment method for AXS as described in the article below:

Under Grab, Citibank Cash Back card no longer issue bonus cash back. Please update your info so that this doesn’t come up. I wasn’t aware this was removed until recently but apparently this change was effected quite many months ago.

Thanks for letting us know @Pin! Have updated the info accordingly and should be reflected if you search for Grab again now.

Thanks again for sharing :smiley:


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Hi, I have also checked with DBS that using the altitude card to top up my Grabpay account DOES NOT earn me any miles.

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I used UOB Krisflyer credit card to pay for Keppel Electric bill but there are NO points given.

Please update and remove UOB Krisflyer from the list of cards to get miles for paying Keppel Electric.

Thanks and regards

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Thanks for your help sharing the updates @naro @Muahahaha @DrAdrian!!

We have made the changes in the backend and it should reflect in the next 1-2 days as the data gets updated.

I paid with my GrabPay Virtual Card for a class at Yoga Movement Singapore and did not get any points for this transaction. Calling the call center, I was told this is classified as a business service which does not qualify for points.

I made a few payments via GrabPay card on iPayMy, only 2 of 3 payments got the GrabRewards points. Might be due to the MCCs of the 3 payments.

That’s interesting - I thought iPayMy is the one charging and they then remit to the ultimate supplier. In that case the bank only see iPayMy MCC and should be consistent (either all get rewards or none)

From what I observed, iPayMy uses a few different MCC and some MCCs are not accepted by Grab for GrabRewards points.

Anyone knows what is the MCC for Ren Ci Hospital?

I’m paying the medical bills every month, which can amount to close to 1k/month. Would appreciate if anyone could advice on what is the best credit card to use to make this payment. Thanks!