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Merchant update

How do we inform about inaccurate information eg, whether the card stated gives miles but in actual fact it does not for a particular merchant

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Hi Adrian, thanks for posting! Feel free to share your feedback directly in this thread - we are constantly making changes to improve the accuracy of data shown (currently working to add the various insurance/utilities exclusions for specific credit cards) and will work on your feedback ASAP.

In the longer term we will probably add a form directly on the site to make it easier to share feedback on any inaccurate information, but for now as long as you post anywhere within the forum we will be able to follow up on your feedback.

Noted. FYI, paying for Keppel Electric with either Citibank Premier Miles or DBS Altitude card DOES NOT get you any miles at all. ZERO!

I think Maybank Horizon Visa is a under-rated card. It gets you 2miles for all airlines ( major or budget, isn’t it? However I don’t see it under the airline section. You might want to review and update them. tks!

Thanks for sharing! As mentioned we are currently in the process of getting the individual card exclusions added now and will share once it is fully done. Please let us know if you spot any other errors so we can get all these resolved ASAP.