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I want to put my Feedback

  1. Can you do the sorting out of merchants by alphabetical order?
  2. how about including a near me “merchants” search
  3. promotions feature
  4. can title be less than 15 characters? Hahaha there’s a lot of bugs in the feedback title… why can’t I type what I want :rage::rage::rage::rage:
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Hi Sherbakes thanks for sharing your feedback on WhatCard! We are constantly looking to improve the service based on feedback so really appreciate you sharing :smiley:.

Regarding your individual feedback points:

The merchants are actually currently already listed in alphabetical order, from 1-9 and then A-Z.

To share more details, going forward we are actually considering improving the search results by sorting merchants based on relevance rather than alphabetical order. This will be more similar to how Google Search shows results ranked based on their assessed relevance rather than a simple alphabetical order.

These two are definitely items on our development roadmap! It will not come so soon as there are many other basic features and functions we would like to build into WhatCard before working on these - but do look out for our monthly updates (see last month’s update here) where we will be sharing more details around what we have been working on and whats new features are upcoming.

We have updated the restrictions so that you can now put emoticons in the title and also have shorter titles. Do let us know if you face any other issues with it :smiley:

Your WhatCard Team

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