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How do I waive off cross border fees on my Airbnb transaction?


So this happened to me recently.

I paid for an accomodation on Airbnb in SGD on the website. However, when I received my credit card statement, I saw that the amount charged in SGD s higher than the receipt. I checked with Airbnb customer service and they said that this cross border fee is levied by the bank. I called the bank and they said its levied by Visa. The amount was ~S$7.

Does anyone here know how do I get this back?

It should be 1% of the total - normal fee. No way of getting it back.

Look for “SGD transactions processed outside of Singapore” in the T&Cs.

Ah OK thank you Joel!

I paid using AMEX recently (1month ago) but was not charged this 1% fee. VISA yes - same as thread poster; was charged. Not sure if anyone can verify if this is true.