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Favourite credit cards

Thought would be cool to start something where we share our own favorite credit cards so that we can learn from each other and maybe discover new credit cards or new and better ways of using our own credit cards

Will start: my fav and most commonly used card now is the DBS Woman’s World Card, which seems to be really popular with the WhatCard ppl also! I just find it really convenient cos its flat 4mpd on all online spend works very well for all my online shopping. used mainly just for clothes at first, but nowadays also buy groceries and food delivery online.

Managed to get enough miles over the past few years for 2 biz class flights already, def recommend this card to anyone who shops online! :sunglasses:

Really like the DBS Live Fresh Card. Previously was using the SC unlimited then realised that ive fresh actually works much better for me. What I really like about it compared to other cashback cards is that its two cashback categories are super easy to spend on and 5% cashback is very high compared to the 1.5% I was getting using SC unlimited card

Online and contactless are probably two of easiest things categories for cashback. Just needed to remember to always try to pay contactless when im at restaurants or buying groceries, and then online shopping


I previously interpreted the DBS Live Fresh Card’s $400 all other spend incorrectly. FYI, so that you don’t suffer the same way I did:)

I had ~$800 charged to my AirBnB (online spend), thinking that it would fulfill both the $400 online spend and $400 all other spend. This means that for the rest of the month, I just need to charge up to $400 on contactless to maximize my cashbacks (maximum $60/month) . However, I checked my statements that showed I only got $40. When I called the customer service, and this is his response:

“The $400 other spend applies to transactions such as EMV chip or swiping magnetic stripe . This means, it is not literally all other spending above $400, but transactions such as those (EMV / swiping magnetic stripe) that you go to merchants where they stick the card into the reader that is eligible for cashback under DBS Live Fresh’s all other spend. The additional $400 on AirBnB does not count to it.”