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Decathlon online store

Hi there,

Would like to know if anyone has experience in buying decathlon online and which credit card is the best to get miles or cashback?

Isit considered an online transaction or sports category?

Hi @Bertman welcome to our WhatCard community!

Short answer: Shopping online at Decathlon would count as BOTH and online transaction as well as sports category

The way it works is that each merchant has an Merchant Category Code (MCC) tagged to them, which describes the business that they are operating (e.g. for Decathlon it is MCC 5655 - Sports Apparel, and Riding Apparel Stores)

Separate from the MCC code, transactions can be counted as either offline/physical or online, depending on what channel you make the transaction on - e.g. using your card at a physical Decathlon store would count as an offline transaction while using your card to pay at Decathlon Online would count as an online spend.

Given that the rewards for online spend can typically be quite high, would definitely recommend cards that give bonus rewards for online spending. Two pretty good options are the DBS Live Fresh (5% cashback), or the DBS Woman’s World Card (4 miles per dollar)