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Anyone using MCO Visa card?

Anyone out there already have and started using the MCO credit card ? Was reading it but not sure how legit it is, the cashback rewards seem pretty decent though

Hi @Jayden! We actually just down to reading more about it and will probably write an article about it soon so you can look out for that!

But our first impression is that after you consider all the factors (need to hold MCO to get bonus cashback, cashback rewards are in MCO, potential variability of MCO value), the card probably isn’t as game-changing as some of the sponsored posts out there may make it seem.

Would love to hear the experiences of any of our readers who are currently using this card!

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Saw that the card gives up to 5% cashback and got really excited then I read that you need to hold quite a bit of their cryptocurrency to qualify.

Reminds me of the SC Unlimited$aver + Unlimited card deal all over again. Big number to advertise with but lots of T&Cs hiding the full picture

It’s a bummer that you have to hold a certain amount of MCO so as to get free Netflix and Spotify. Plus you have to hold it for 6 months.
That’s what I heard. Have you heard of Wirex?
Seems like a better alternative and their fx rates are good. Got mine recently as I got to know about them during the Singapore FinTech Festival. Activated it and I got free 20 Nano! Read that it’s only limited to the first 2,000 cardholders though