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WhatCard was created by a group of credit card and personal finance enthusiasts with a simple mission - how can we build something that will help each person get the most value out of their credit card spending.

With the best credit cards willing to give up to 5% and more of the total amount spent back as rewards, typically either cashback or as airline miles, people who do not pay with a credit card (where available) or use a sub-optimal credit card strategy are essentially giving the credit card companies a free lunch on all their spending.

Our aspiration is for WhatCard to help each person discover the best credit card strategy for themselves based on their own spending behavior and personal preferences to get the most value out of their daily expenses.

Happy discovering new cards and better rewards!

How it works**

Simply type in the merchant’s name in the search bar or filter by the merchant spend categories, and our site will instantly tell you the cards that give you the best rewards for your expenses

The rewards listed have been put together from online crowdsourced resources and our own transactions to give the most accurate possible view of credit card rewards. As we rely heavily on community feedback to update and improve the accuracy of data shown, if you notice any errors please share your feedback with us on this community.

We will need all your feedback to build a tool that best fits your needs - so please feel free to share with us any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on what would best solve your problems

Your WhatCard Team

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