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What is the MCC code for Haomart?

What is the MCC code for Haomart?

Hi @Mozart1,

Welcome to our forum! We don’t have this merchant on our database. If you do find out, do you mind sharing it here in the forum for us to update in the database for future users?

Thank you!

Hi @dexter.tiah, Can you teach me how to look for the MCC code?

I would like to provide this information if I know the information.

Thank you.

Sure no problem!

The best way to do it is via an actual transaction. Use any bank issued credit card to make a transaction, call the customer service hotline and speak to the customer service representative (about 2 to 3 days later, when the transaction becomes posted) and ask them for the MCC code.

The founding team of whatcard has populated the database via our own transactions, terms and conditions pages on bank websites and publicly sourced databases on hardwarezone. As you can probably guess, none of us shop on Haomart, otherwise we would have it on the database already!

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Hi @dexter.tiah and @whatcard, I just checked with the bank on the MCC code for hao mart. The MCC Code is 5411. Good to include this to the list.

Hi @Mozart1,

Welcome to our community! I’ve updated it in our internal database. Will need my co-founder to help to sync it up before we see it on the tool. Thank you for your contribution!